The Mobius Brewery

Mobius Brewing is just a title for the intersection of Matt, Mason, and Rob’s twin passions – contemporary music and beer. There are endless ways to combine the two worlds, but none quite like this. After the three friends’ love for sweet, sweet suds motivated them to take up brewing,  they realized the hobby’s similarity to Mobius’s core concept and business model: the creation of new, delicious works.

Mobius Brewing works like this – for every commission and/or collaboration the Trio creates, they brew a beer. The style and character of this beer is based on qualities and aspects of the project or composer. For instance, Danny Clay’s nostalgic and pastoral “a place that inhabits us” motivated the creation of a gentle, summery Cream Ale, while Samuel Carl Adams’ eponymity with the famous brewer/patriot gave rise to Slam Adams Bosstone Ale.

Mobius Brewing a pure passion project: a combination of two seemingly disparate artistic interests, motivated by an intense curiosity as to how they might interact and what silly or sublime brews could result. Mobius Brews are very limited in quantity and are meant to be served at a work’s premiere. Get em while they last!