Mobius in the Schools

Mobius in the Schools is Mobius Trio’s contemporary music education program, born out of the Trio members’ desire to share their unique repertoire with new audiences, such as elementary, middle, and high school students. Matt, Mason, and Rob are all dedicated educators in the guitar community, but Mobius in the Schools gives them an opportunity to do something a little different; MitS events are typically aimed at underserved student populations who have had little opportunity to interact with guitar, classical music, or contemporary music.

Mobius in the Schools came into being when Dan Becker, the Trio’s longtime mentor, friend, and collaborator, asked Mobius Trio and composer Danny Clay to create a series of collaborative music lessons for his daughter’s school, The Armstrong School in Belmont, CA. After guiding a school’s worth of fourth graders through the strange world of graphic notation and indeterminate performance, the Trio realized the depth and euphoric bliss inherent in the students’ unbridled creativity. Seeing the interaction of their contemporary music with Mobius in the Schools ‘atypical’ audiences lends new perspective to the Trio’s work, while simultaneously exposing a whole new generation to their unique brand of chamber music.

Custom Made Music with Belinda Reynolds

Image of Belinda Reynolds
Belinda Reynolds, composer

Mobius is currently working with composer Belinda Reynolds on a wonderful project called Custom Made Music. This collaboration will result in a new collection of guitar ensemble specifically tailored for beginner and intermediate level guitar students. Custom Made Music aims to provide a progressive, incremental approach to contemporary music education within the guitar ensemble medium. This collection will also be integrated into a series of workshops that Mobius and Belinda will conduct in several locations throughout northern California.